Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters

Jake Armstrong and his best friends are unexpectedly transformed into superheroes who learn to reach far beyond the limits of any ordinary teenager.

Friday on Netflix
1 Season, 14 Episodes
November 17, 2017
Animation & Cartoons, Children, Comedy, Superhero
Cast: Ogie Banks, Scott Menville, Steven Yeun, Wil Wheaton

Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters Full Episode Guide

  • With Stretch Monster's sinister plan finally revealed, Stretch and the Flex Fighters must stop his Flexarium Army from taking over the world.

  • Stretch and the Flex Fighters race against Stretch Monster to secure a mysterious and dangerous chemical held by Blindstrike.

  • To discover the identity of Blindstrike, Stretch and the Flex Fighters work together with an unlikely ally to locate Dr. C's secret base.

  • When the mysterious Tech Men take the museum hostage, Stretch and the Flex Fighters must find a way to stop them without revealing their identities.

  • Stretch's odds of attending the school dance are slim when his powers go haywire after criminals Brick and Mortar hit him with an unknown weapon.

  • The Flex Fighters must race against Blindstrike to the location of Dr. C's downed plane, where secrets of the dangerous Hyper-Flexarium reside.

  • Quick Charge, a scientist with the ability to skate on electricity, sabotages the city's electric grid in order to carry out revenge on Rook.

  • The Flex Fighters and Kane must confront former gangster Jack Kinland, who has taken over the criminal underworld with the help of Stretch Monster.

  • While Stretch and the Flex Fighters try to work out their issues, a mysterious villain schemes to take over Rook's latest creation, the Stretchipedes.

  • When computer hacker Circuit-Stream develops powers to pass through solid objects, it's up to the Flex Fighters to stop him from taking over the city.

  • As they adjust to their new powers, the Flex Fighters encounter a mysterious ninja trying to take down Rook and Charter City.

  • When Jake, Nathan and Ricardo are captured by Kane and Rook, instead of being punished, their lives are changed in unimaginable ways.

  • While taking a break from the rigors of high school life, three friends cause a lab accident that results in them gaining incredible superpowers.

  • Villains are rampaging through Charter City and the Flex Fighters -- Jake, Ricardo and Nathan -- need your help to halt the chaos.

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