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Shimmer and Shine focuses on twin fairies named Shimmer and Shine. During their journey, they accidentally cause trouble while their try granting wishes to their best friend, Leah, who is a human. This series focuses on the twins' journey of learning their rights and wrongs by paying attention to their mistakes and learning how their can improve for next time.

Weekdays 10:00 AM et/pt on nickelodeon
6 Seasons, 59 Episodes
June 15, 2015
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Isabella Crovetti, Eva Bella, Alina Foley, Dee Bradley Baker
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Shimmer and Shine Full Episode Guide

  • Nila the mermaid has always wanted to see Zahramay Falls, so the girls take her on a magical tour above water. When the girls help the Dream Genie's apprentice deliver dreams, they accidentally swap Zeta's and Nazboo's.

  • The girls celebrate Cuddle Buddy Day by helping the Animal Genie deliver pets. Zeta uses a spell to make everything dark, and the Animal Genie must team up with the Glitter Genie to make the pets glow so they can see.

  • The girls travel with Shaya to an island where they meet the Animal Genie, who looks after all animals. Shimmer and Shine tell Leah the story of how they met Tala and Nahal, with help from the Animal Genie.

  • The girls visit the Glitter Genie to learn glitter magic, but something is causing Shimmer to keep messing up.The girls visit the Gem Princess, who takes them underwater to help gather crystals in the beautiful coral reef.

  • The girls meet the Dream Genie and her apprentice, who have the power to make dreams come true. Samira gives the kids a tour of the magical rooms in her palace, where she makes wishing items for Leah's world.

  • The girls help Layla, the Ice Genie, create snow decorations for the upcoming Frosty Fun Festival.

  • A cute little zenguin takes a wishing coin and lead the girls on a chase around their boat.

  • Samira takes the girls to learn dance magic from an instructor. But when Zeta takes the instructor's magic shoes and uses them to try taking over Zahramay Falls, the girls must use the dances they learned to stop her.

  • Zeta steals the amazing Glitter Genie's staff. If the girls don't get it back in time, the Glitter Genie's palace will disappear! When the girls discover a blank gem, they take it to meet the Gem Princess who gives each gem its power.

  • Zac uses a wish to bring his dog Rocket to Zahramay Falls – but the genies mistake him for a monster.After using magic to make Zac forget who he is, Zeta trains him as her apprentice and tries teaching him potions.

  • The girls befriend a cute creature, only to find out that their magic doesn't work when it's nearby. Zeta's relaxing night at the treehouse is halted when the girls also show up, so she tries to scare them away.

  • When Leah wishes to be a genie for the day, Zeta uses magic to have Leah grant her wishes.When Zac thinks the girls are missing, he plays detective and goes on the search with Kaz.

  • Samira tells the girls the story of how she and Zeta first met - and how they were once best friends.The girls must stop Zeta when she takes a scepter that gives her the power to grow magical vines and gems.

  • The girls meet a genie with the power to change hairstyles, but Zeta's determined to take the power for herself. The girls travel to a magic garden, where they meet a Flitter Genie and shrink down to her size to explore.

  • When the magical rainbow water goes out of balance, Samira sends the girls through the waterfall to a new world - Rainbow Zahramay. There, they meet a Waterfall Genie who can help them bring balance to the water.

  • The girls visit the carpet vendor to fix their carpet, while Zeta and Nazboo plan to take some magic thread.Zeta and Nazboo tell the girls the fun story of how they first met, but their facts don't quite match up.

  • As the girls search for Leah's lost necklace, an underground creature finds it and begins making wishest. After Zac wishes to stay in Zahramay Falls forever, the kids search for a powerful genie to reverse the wish.

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