Nightwing: The Series

Nightwing: The Series is a fantasy show that covers the evolution of Dick Grayson from Batman

Mondays 11:00 AM et/pt on YouTube
1 Season, 5 Episodes
September 29, 2014
Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Superhero
Cast: Danny Shepherd, Bob Lee Dysinger, Stephen Manley, Michael Tylo
Nightwing: The Series

Nightwing: The Series Full Episode Guide

  • Nightwing goes after Deathstroke before he kills Mayor Redmond, and finds out who saved him at the club.

  • Bruce visits Dick to apologize, and Barbara steps up to take on the mantle of Oracle.

  • Nightwing meets Barbara for the first time since her "death," but insists on confronting Deathstroke alone without her or Batman's help.

  • As Dick Grayson prepares for battle against Deathstroke, he remembers how he became Nightwing... when the Joker shot and seemingly killed Barbara Gordon.

  • When the mercenary Deathstroke assassinates a U.S. Senator in Bludhaven, Nightwing sets out to bring the masked killer to justice.

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