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Mysticons, picked up for 40 episodes, is a half-hour, animated action series about four girls who transform into legendary warriors and band together to save their realm from an evil queen, Necrafa. Mysticons is licensed by Nelvana.

3 Seasons, 33 Episodes
August 28, 2017
Action, Adventure, Animation, Children
Cast: Alyson Court, Nicki Burke, Ana Sani, Evany Rosen
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Mysticons Full Episode Guide

  • Zarya's videogame addiction turns catastrophic when a spells traps her inside of her phone.

  • The Mysticons stumble upon a dragon egg and vow to protect it. But Arkayna and Zarya have their own ideas of what that means.

  • Emerald's overprotective mother comes for a surprise visit, but has no idea that her daughter is the legendary Mysticon Knight. As Emerald and Citrine have a mother-daughter outing, Arkayna, Zarya and Piper try to deal with a maleficent eclipse that strengthens dark creatures and send into a vicious frenzy. While Emerald shows her mother around Drake City, Arkayna, Zarya and Piper try to keep her from witnessing anything evil and dangerous, which proves a difficult task, especially with the eclipse looming nearer.

  • The Mysticons must race against the Vexicons to retrieve a powerful scepter.

  • The Mysticons must stop Proxima from acquiring star-fire ink from a legendary library, but find themselves trapped in the librarian's magical tome.

  • Arkayna and Malvaron finally go out on a date! But the date gets ruined by a crazy make-up monster. Meanwhile, Tazma tricks Doug and escapes from her snow globe.

  • The Mysticons and Proxima go on an undersea quest to destroy Necrafa's mask. Meanwhile, Malvaron must capture Tazma with the help of Doug and Choko.

  • Arkyana and Zarya venture off in search of a new weapon to take down Necrafa. Em and Piper are left alone to defend Drake City.

  • Queen Necrafa herself infiltrates the Astromancer Academy and captures Proxima. With the youngest royal twin now in her hands, the Queen of the Undead intends to use her in order to put her master plan into action. With the immpending annihilation of Gemina close at hand, the Mysticons and Astromancers formulate a plan to rescue Proxima before the egg starts to partially spawn the almighty, destructive Spectral Dragon.

  • Piper finds a magical coin and accidentally alters time when she wishes to longer be a Mysticon.

  • The Mysticons are hired to protect the leader of a popular boy band from an obsessive fan out for revenge.

  • Arkayna defies the Astromancers and seeks out Proxima to spend some time with her long lost twin sister.

  • The Mysticons turn Zarya into a baby to infiltrate a fairy orphanage to discover the whereabouts of Arkayna's fraternal twin sister from its owners.

  • The Mysticons, Nova Terron, and Proxima race through ancient caverns to recover a spectral dragon egg before Tazma gets her hands on it.

  • The Mysticons follow Tazma back to Queen Necrafa's portal in a race to retrieve the completed Codex from the realm of darkness, only to reunite with an old foe, Dreadbane.

  • Em's first date with Kasey is rudely interrupted when Kasey is kidnapped by the evil pirate Captain Kaos; the Mysticons set off on a swashbuckling adventure to rescue Kasey, while Kaos wants revenge on Kitty and Zarya, who marooned him years ago.

  • Em gets frustrated with Arkayna bossing her around, but instead of voicing her anger, Em bottles it up using a service called Vex-Away; when a canister breaks, the condensed anger spills out into the city, infecting all the citizens with rage.

  • The Mysticons are considered outlaws. Meanwhile, Necrafa is on the hunt for two precious gems.

  • The Mysticons search for Arkayna's parents deep beneath the ocean and discover a society of mysterious mer-people.

  • Necrafa prepares for an all-out assault on Drake City.

  • Just when Arkayna has a chance to save her parents, Nova Terron orders her to destroy the Dragon Disk; the Mysticons conspire to save the Queen and King using the Disk, but with the Astromancers Tazma, and Kymraw chasing them, time is running out.

  • Dreadbane bombards Drake City with meteors, demanding that the Mysticons hand over their pieces of the Codex; the Mysticons must team up with Kitty Boone and her sky pirates to infiltrate Dreadbane's fortress and save the day.

  • All Piper wants for her birthday is a pet, but when the Mysticons get her a gumlump she finds out that she's in way over her head.

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