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Monsters vs. Aliens is an animated television series based on a 2009 Dreamworks film, Monsters vs. Aliens. It began airing in 2013 on the Nickelodeon network and was cancelled after one season. Four monsters with extraordinary powers, intelligent, and determination star as the main characters of this comical kids

Saturday 9:30 PM et/pt on Nickelodeon
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes
March 23, 2013
Action & Adventure, Animation & Cartoons, Comedy, Family
Cast: Chris O'Dowd, Eric Edelstein, Diedrich Bader, Riki Lindhome
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Monsters vs. Aliens Full Episode Guide

  • Bride of the Internet: Susan has her ginormic hands full as she tries to escape the world wide web of an omniscient alien named... the Internet! The Invisible Threat (Also Silent): The monstrous metal robot Unstop-O-Bot does battle with the monsters, aliens, and an airborn tank in this soaring spectacle of silliness.

  • Dr. Cockroach's new experiment goes badly when he accidently teleports the Diner into space! Link thinks his chance for glory is gone when he can't play in the government football game.

  • The monsters borrow from Sqweep's allowance, but their spending spree soon ends. After Dr. Cockroach messes with Sqweep's project, the little alien gets the lowest grade in the galaxy!

  • Monger gathers everyone for a game of "no rules" dodgeball! Dr. Cockroach creates a spray to give the President more authority, but things get out of hand when B.O.B. gets covered in it.

  • Strange secrets unfold when Derek returns to expose our friends at Area Fifty-Something. Monger is away for the weekend, which is great news for the teams...until they meet Rule-Bot.

  • Dr. Cutter arrives to update the base's technology, but with Susan and Bob playing detective, her motives soon become suspicious. Link and B.O.B. find a spaceship and take it for a joyride.

  • B.O.B. eats Dr. Cockroach's "probabilitator" and foresees Coverton with a crown. Sta'abi is summoned to sneak off base to embark on her Warrior Vision Quest!

  • With everyone down with alien flu, Coverton tries to steal base secrets, but fails to account for a hallucinating B.O.B. Vornicarn's behavior lands him in the Isolation Zone.

  • Link and Sta'abi duel for driving privileges of a supercar, but Sqweep wants to drive too. B.O.B. plays hide and seek, but with a meteor arriving, the team must find him and save the planet!

  • Number Seven!: Sqweep has to go "number seven". Team Monster fears the destruction it will cause and sets out to contain it!The Friend Who Wasn't There: Link pursues Sta'abi using a pheromone spray of Sqweep's design that ends up having unforeseen consequences.

  • Ginormicat!: A stray kitten makes its way onto the base and accidentally obtains Susan's ginormica powers. Now the monsters must find a way to reverse the accident before the giant kitten takes over the base!It Came From Level Z: The boys of Team Monster have turned the Rec Room into a pigsty. When Monger demands they clean up, the guys enlist the help of an old zombie.

  • Monger's secret files are uncovered, revealing details of an absent Man-Beast.

  • When Dr. C invents a "living" smartphone, Coverton diabolically plans to use the smartphone to hack the base's mainframe.

  • Susan is in a bind after spilling food on Sta'abi and apologizing about it. Insulted, Sta'abi hunts Susan to feed her "fralnick" to Vornicarn.

  • It's April Fool's Day at Area Fifty-Something as Susan tries to prevent the Monsters from destroying the base with a prank!Dr. C's "Ph.D" is in jeopardy as a former teacher reveals a missing music grade in his transcript.

  • Vornicarn: A new alien, Sta'abi, comes to Earth in search of a ferocious beast called Vornicarn. Soon, everyone is on a chase in order to save the planet from Vornicarn's terror! However, much to our friends of Area Fifty-Something's surprise, Sta'abi has her own plans for the alien pet

  • It Got Out of Hand: It is April Fool's Day at Area Fifty-Something as Susan tries to prevent the Monsters from destroying the base with a doomsday prank! The Sound of Fear: Dr.C's "Ph.D" is in jeopardy as a former teacher reveals a missing music grade in his transcript! Will Dr. C make the grade and keep his doctor degree?

  • Sqweep fashions a canine brainwave device to make B.O.B. the perfect pet. It works great on everyone on the base but B.O.B.

  • 98 Pound Cockroach: Dr. C doubles his strength, but lessens his genius. Can the other Monsters save him before it's too late? When Nature Shrieks: Monger invites the teams to go on a camping trip, which soon turns into a whirlwind of terror with Susan, B.O.B. and Sqweep by his side.

  • Night of the Living Dog: Sqweep fashions a canine brainwave device to make B.O.B. the perfect pet. It works great-on everyone on the base but B.O.B. Attack of the Movie Night: Sqweep combats nightmares from scary movie night by making a memory extractor. It works, but then the extracted memories come alive!

  • The Two Faces of Dr. Cockroach:Dr. C is split into two through his new teleportation machine. Can the Monsters reunite the wild and brainy roaches before it's too late? The Thing With One Brain: Coverton installs an evil switch in a brain Dr. C builds for B.O.B. Trouble arises when it changes B.O.B. into Robert, a super intelligent jerk.

  • It Came...On a Field Trip:The Monsters find an alien in the woods doing an earth studies project, which has a lot of sensitive data that could be used for an invasion! / Educational Television: It's all fun and games when Link and B.O.B. use Sqweep's tablet tv as a raygun, until a doomsday app is initiated that could destroy the planet!

  • Frenemy Mine: B.O.B. is determined to have Coverton be his emergency buddy. Instead, Coverton chooses to manipulate B.O.B. at a time when he needs him the most. Maximum B.O.B.: Impressed with B.O.B.'s indestructibleness, Coverton decides to clone a piece of him. After too many clones, B.O.B. alarmingly begins to diminish little by little.

  • The Bath Effect: Susan makes B.O.B. think that baths cure crankiness - B.O.B. leaps into action, chasing after Coverton to cure his crankiness once and for all! The Fruit of All Evil: When Link accidentally eats the gelatin that B.O.B. calls his "girlfriend", it's up to the gang to figure out how to break the bad news.

  • Area Fifty-Something is a secret place for displaced monsters and aliens who are forced to work together in a strange land.

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