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September 29, 2008

Isa TKM Full Episode Guide

  • Cristina's emotional, financial and love life are in pieces. In a tense moment, Isa earnestly defends her rival.

  • Isa and Linda seal their friendship to the rhythm of a pop-girly-ballad. Meanwhile, the wicked Ricaldes are buried in bad financial news.

  • Cristina's blackmail reaches new lows. The villain asks Alex to make a big musical change. Linda explodes with happiness from here to the next galaxy.

  • Isa has a heart of glass: whenever Alex appears, it breaks in a million pieces. Carlitos puts on a great show. And Cristina has a bitter victory.

  • While recording the album, Alex feels totally in love with his favorite vocalist. Rey calls forth the poet inside him to get back the fatty he loves.

  • Isa's gaggle of mothers and fathers finally come up with a cool solution! Marina and Clavatti's work and music are bringing them closer together.

  • Rey and Alex are fighting it out harder than the Red Team and the Blue Team. Cristina's tricks land her in the principal's office.

  • Isa doesn't know what to do with so many mothers and fathers. But she has a new friend to hear her woes. Rey is trapped in a Giant Crischeater's web.

  • Clavatti, Rigores and Marina organize Operation Clean Up Rebeca's Lies. Meanwhile, the man of Linda's dreams leaves her down in the dumps.

  • The school becomes a crime scene. Unfortunately, Linda feels persecuted by the police. And all because of a professional con artist's forgery.

  • The girls at the school are really worried about the couple. Meanwhile, Rebeca and Lucrecia the vulture plot their revenge against Marina.

  • The younger Ricalde is so full of hot air, she's taken off like a balloon and now her head is in the clouds. In other words, she feels like a diva.

  • Isa and Linda are happy. They put a rocker seal on their friendship. Cristina begins her new career as a detective. Isa faces her rival like a champ.

  • Norma is beside herself. She can't believe her ex-band's musical betrayal! But her romantic boyfriend comforts her. And Linda is happy again.

  • Isa shares a special musical moment with Alex. Linda feels like the moon eclipsed by the sun. Rey defends his fatty like a knight in shining armor.

  • Alex feels like a fly stuck in strawberry ice cream. And all because Cristina is stuck to him with duct tape. Isa has the rock singer's magic spell.

  • Linda is left frozen by the cruel and chilling news she receives. And Isa feels beat up like a boxing glove. And all for a rock-pop-music lie.

  • Cristina is acting like an opera diva. She wants to trick Alex with her lies. Clavatti is about to get caught in the Great Ricalde Arachnid's web.

  • Isa's head is spinning like a broken compass. The good thing is Marina discovers a watery boobytrap at the school. Cristina escapes her stinky prison.

  • Isa is worried about her family's past. Meanwhile, the Cristarantula continues weaving her web of slander and lies. Alex has a super important secret.

  • The Pasqualis are sweeter than honey. And Papa Pasquali gives Isa an awesome present! Plus, Cristina receives the full punishment of the law.

  • Isa makes a very important decision. And Linda is launched to the moon and back! Meanwhile, the rock band has its super cool vocalist back.

  • Isa's rock band is about to go the way of the dinosaurs. Isa misses her audience. Meanwhile, Rey, Micky and Marco kiss their dreams of glory goodbye.

  • Isa must be great at math, because she's made her problems grow exponentially! Cristina takes advantage of it to climb onto her back like a monkey.

  • Marina is about to lose the love of her life. And Isa is still lonelier than a Martian on the moon. Cristina commences Plan Blackmail against Rigores.

  • Alex feels like a polar bear in a sauna. When the time comes to tell the truth, he just has a blank stare. Isa is heartbroken over some big trouble.

  • Alex is keeping a huge secret and he's about to burst. Meanwhile, Cristina wants to be the brightest star in the pizza galaxy.

  • Alex discovers a shocking secret. Isa's band is rehearsing like crazy. Rebeca gets ready for a super-awesome event. Isa has an excuse to skip class.

  • Rey is happier than a dog with a bone. Or better yet, a rockstar with a new guitar. And Alex is trapped in the Ricalde mansion with no way to escape.

  • Rebeca's dreams of fame fall apart. And Alex is climbing up the walls. Micky initiates Operation Save the Letter.

  • Isa's band is about to disappear from the face of the earth. Isa says goodbye to the love of her life. Cristina scores big with the boy of her dreams.

  • Isa receives some shocking news, and her dreams of love crumble to dust. Plus, Cristina hears a BIG SECRET, but she gets it all mixed up.

  • Marina and Cristobal are fighting like gladiators in the ring. Meanwhile, Isa comforts her number one sister.

  • Isa gets so scared she turns as white as a ghost. An accident leads to an early grave, and the kids have a mini-funeral. Alex feels like he could die.

  • Alex feels like a lobster in a pot thanks to his mother's problems. The brunettes are living a double love story. And Cristina's as bitter as ever.

  • Isa's the coolest girl in town again. Linda prepares a magic potion to get to Rey's heart through his stomach, but he's still trying to be a rockstar.

  • Planet Isa is spinning off its axis, and she's lost in space, all thanks to Cristina Productions. Meanwhile, a bunch of kids form an Isa search party.

  • Alex and Micky miss their old rock band. Meanwhile, all the kids at school feel like Hollywood stars. Cristina hatches one of her most evil plots yet.

  • Isa is depressed after discovering she's adopted. But everyone thinks her newfound fame is getting to her head. Clavatti has a plan for her career.

  • Cristina uses her three favorite weapons, deceit, slander and lies, to crush Isa under her shoe like a bug. Alex is starting to have doubts about Isa.

  • Alex is afraid his girlfriend might turn into an empty-headed popstar. Meanwhile, Isa is down in the dumps after finding out the Pasqualis' secret.

  • Dago wishes he could make himself invisible, or get a one-way ticket to China! Meanhwile, a celebration is held at the pizzeria.

  • A record deal puts Isa in a tough spot. She has to decide between her vocation and her love. Isa is in the top 10 most popular girls in the city.

  • Isa manages to shake off Cristina's slanderous lies. And Linda is still mad at Rey. Isa is happy as a clam with Alex.

  • Thanks to Alex, Isa's singing voice will be heard somewhere other than her own shower. Unfortunately, Cristina and her clones' plan is in high gear.

  • Alex's head is more jumbled than his sock drawer. Cristina's plan comes to an explosive fruition. Micky and Justa break up over a misunderstanding.

  • Dago dazzles at the pizzeria. Linda is flying through the Milky Way of happiness. She's got a great band and she's back together with her best friend.

  • Marina has a serious talk with her parents. Isa receives a special inviation from a very cool guy. The new history teacher has Isa's life in tatters.

  • Cristina Ricalde is in the market for new friends, and a pair of twins are first in line. Plus, Linda and Isa are each in their own universe.

  • Alex can't make band practice because his head's in the clouds. Rey's own band kicks him out. Cristina and the twins set their evil plan in motion.

  • All the girls at school are melting over seeing Dago live. A website is ruining Linda's life. Plus, a new history teacher brings new problems for Isa.

  • A disappearance has Isa and her family really worried. Meanwhile, Linda shows off her fancy new friends, and now she's as cold as ice to Isa.

  • Alex is having major family troubles. Rey and Linda fight over the same rock band. Plus, Isa tries to help her best friend, but messes everything up.

  • Rey is sick with jealousy. Linda is down in the dumps. Cristina's claws come out in front of the teachers. Isa finds an excuse to get close to Alex.

  • The dream on the mountain is over. Returning from the trip, Isa and Alex share beautiful memories. Marco Star and Rocio have a special relationship.

  • A fun trip starts out with some troubles. Rey almost stays home working on his hairdo. Cristina needs an extra airplane for all her luggage.

  • Alex and his mom organize a big dinner. Marina and Cristobal have a fight. Rebeca's evil plan is well underway. Isa and Alex are living a love story.

  • Isa gets some bad news about her family. Marco and Micky can't rehearse, and tick-tock, tick-tock, time's running out for the battle of the bands.

  • Marina and Cristobal are planning a tight move. And Marquito also makes a mini-move. Cristina and Rebeca have a bad time when their secret comes out.

  • The wicked Cristina tries to stick to Alex like glue. Marina and Cristobal back the family 100% and leave their European dreams behind.

  • An awesome wedding takes place, with a witch or two among the guests. Isa and Alex have a great time, the only problem is the lies she told him.

  • Isa is worried about lying to Alex so much. And Linda is still treating the boy she likes like royalty. Everyone's happy when the wedding begins.

  • Alex makes his choice, and Isa and Cristina are excited. Preparations for Cristobal and Marina's wedding are made. The Ricaldes plot a double revenge.

  • Cristobal and Marina have something special planned. Queen Crischeater I and Isa fill Alex's head with lies.

  • Marquito gives Marino and Cristobal two great ideas, and they couldn't be more excited. Alex is stiff as a board and Isa doesn't know what to do.

  • Marina daydreams of a beautiful love story. Rey and Linda are thick as thieves. And Cristina comes down with a very contagious illness.

  • Cristina and her henchmen are amused with their new slave, but Isa and her super best friend fight back. Alex learns something awful about Cristina.

  • Isa and Cristina's bet goes forward and neither of the two can break the pact signed in royal ink. Alex confides his worries for his mother in Micky.

  • Isa feels like she's living in a dark fairy tale under the orders of an evil witch queen. Meanwhile, Rebeca and Marina fight over Cristobal.

  • Through trickery and bribery, Cristina buys her victory and is named Queen Cristina I, and Ruby and Vanessa are her princesses.

  • Cristina starts her campaign to become queen of the school with her usual tricks. Isa and Cristina dress up as queens for the coronation.

  • Isa is enraged. While Cristina celebrates her victory, Vanessa and Ruby fear the worst. At the record store, Alex, Micky and Marco can't practice.

  • Cristina can't stand it: Isa and Alex will be in the play together, and they're going to kiss. A stage kiss, but a kiss nonetheless.

  • A production of Romeo and Juliet is Isa's big chance to get close to Alex! But Cristina also wants the part. Marina is cold as ice with Cristobal.

  • Alex discovers the truth and is very upset with Isa. Alex and his band rehearse for the battle of the bands. Cristina and Alex get back together.

  • Isa organizes a tasty competition. Cristina comes up with a macabre plan to sabotage the bakeoff. Isa and Linda plan their revenge.

  • Isa proves that she's the cool girl in school when she organizes an event to rebuild the destroyed building. Alex chats with his online love.

  • Cristina is upset by Isa's little white lie. Now Isa has to keep Alex and Cristina from finding out the truth. Julio gets some good news.

  • Alex and Cristina cause a scene at the party with their kiss. A fight breaks out between Rey and Alex. Isa and Alex make their escape.

  • Alex and Cristina are the cool couple. Everyone's invited to the school's most arrogant girl's birthday party, including Isa.

  • Preparations are made for Cristina's party. Linda and Isa are going to be there, whatever it takes. Cristobal shows up with a surprise guest.

  • Marina catches Rebeca and Cristobal together. Rey makes Linda a romantic proposal. Alex and Isa are about to kiss when a fight breaks out.

  • Isa invites everyone to the Pasqualis' pizzeria. Unfortunately, Cristina and her witches come looking for trouble. Isa is publicly caught in a lie.

  • Isa and Linda take on Cristina. Cristobal moves out. Alex has a romantic conversation with a girl. Alex and Micky hire backup singers for their band.

  • Isa entraps Alex with her charms ... and a few lies. Cristina is furious, and Rey takes advantage of the situation to get closer to her.

  • Cristina takes advantage of the situation to get closer to Alex. Rey is jealous, and plans a cyber war to keep Alex out of the battle of the bands.

  • Marina gets a job at the record store and starts going out with Cristobal. The Pasqualis and the Ricaldes are at each other's throats!

  • Isa would do anything for her best friend, and she's got a huge crush on Alex, but all he's interested in are rock and roll and Cristina.

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