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Did Nikola Tesla's scientific notes wind up in secret government labs after his death? Did the Nazis create a covert UFO program to win World War II? Host Jamie Theakston seeks to answer these questions and more on Forbidden History, a documentary program that delves into the unknown facts of historical events. Using modern investigative techniques, Forbidden History explores ancient and current mysteries and asks probing questions about the accepted historical truth.

Did the Knights Templars actually find the Holy Grail?

Join Forbidden History and discover why the truth may just be stranger and deeper than you think.

Wednesdays 9:00 PM et/pt on YESTERDAY
3 Seasons, 19 Episodes
September 27, 2013
Documentary & Biography, History, Military & War
Cast: Jamie Theakston, Andrew Gough, Lionel Fanthorpe, Dallas Harley Jones
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  • Examining the mysterious group known as "The Illuminati." Are they really some secret world government operating in the shadows; or is the whole thing simply one huge conspiracy theory?

  • Nostradamus, Nicolas Flamel, John Dee; who were these alchemists who had such a profound effect on the world? Were they clever decievers, or could they really perform miracles? And how did they do it?

  • Who were the Oracles - the young women of the underworld who were consulted by ancient Greek society and whose visions helped shape the course of history? What is the truth behind their extraordinary trances and apparent psychic powers?

  • Why do so many of our ancient cultures refer to giants? Are they simply myth and legend or did they once walk the earth? And are there tombs and skeletons of these giants now being discovered in Sardinia?

  • Was Jesus really a flesh-and-blood rabbi? Did he marry and have children? And was his wife somehow smuggled out of Jerusalem by boat to southern France? It's one of the great mysterious questions of our time - but is it true?

  • The Man in the Iron Mask is a tale of the most famous prisoner in French history, a man who was condemned to wearing a mask made of cast iron whilst he was kept in captivity. But who was he? Is there any truth in the world famous story by Alexandre Dumas? And what would it have been like to live a life behind a mask of iron? We travel to France to unlock the secrets of the prison that kept him there and to uncover the mystery of the man behind the mask.

  • Nikola Tesla was one of the most enigmatic, but least known, scientists of the last century. He was an early pioneer of both electricity and radio, and creatored one of the first electrical motors. How did he die in poverty and under suspicion by the FBI?

  • Jamie heads to Belgrade to explore the work of the mysterious Serbian Nikola Tesla - a inventor, engineer, physicist and futurist.

  • Jamie investigates the theory that Nazis were once engaged in building space crafts before WW2 broke out.

  • Jamie investigates the story of the Oracle at Delphi - a figure of immense historical importance, who is still shrouded in mystery.

  • Jamie investigates the order of the rosy cross, who's infamous members included Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Christopher Wren. The group is rumoured to have influenced corridors of power across Europe, including royal families and politicians. Jamie looks at various secret organisations and their incredible histories as well as meeting journalists, authors and experts who have spent decades trying to shed light on them.

  • Jamie looks at the idea of the Holy Grail really existing - and if it does where it could be found and what it actually is. He looks at the four 'grail cups' all claiming to be the real thing - the Chalice Well Bowl in Glastonbury, the Nanteos Cup in Wales, the Santo Caliz in Valencia and the Antioch Chalice in New York.

  • Jamie and some local historians and experts explore the lost city of Petra, to see if treasure is still lying undetected beneath its ruins.

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