Miley Cyrus' Twitter Is Now Dedicated to Defending Her Haircut

Even if you're not particularly interested in the follicular activities of the stars, you might still have heard about Miley Cyrus' new haircut. Yes, it was actually shocking enough to become a news item.

The starlet, who has sported long brunette locks up to this point, opted to chop it all off for a punky, Twiggy-style short 'do, dyed platinum blonde. Naturally, since Cyrus is often a tabloid subject, that lead to an explosion of discussion about just what the hell she was thinking in doing that, a retaliation from fans saying she's just being Miley, and so on.

Since then, Cyrus' Twitter feed has become a non-stop barrage of two types of posts: the kind that features a picture of her with her new haircut with "love" or a bunch of hearts as the caption (because that's not horribly vain), and the kind that has her saying something to the effect of "shut up, haters."

Watch as Miley's tweets get more and more desperate in convincing us (and probably herself) that the haircut was a good decision:

My personal favorite: "self love is the greatest of all flatterers." Yes, Miley. But all things in moderation, no?

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