Miley Cyrus To Guest Star On 'Two and a Half Men'

Miley Cyrus To Guest Star On 'Two and a Half Men' There’s more going on in Miley Cyrus’ life than just wedding planning, pilates, and haircuts, you guys.

Rumor has it the “Last Song” star is planning to make a guest appearance on the CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men,” as a sexy new love interest for Jake Harper (played by Angus T. Jones).

Cyrus’ part will grab her at least a handful of episodes, and we’re promised that her character will be “sexy,” which comes as a total shock because Cyrus always shies away from anything suggestive, and “rife with comedy,” which might be a nice change for the show.

Reps from Cyrus’ end have yet to confirm this rumor, but it kiiinnnda seems like something Cyrus would get a kick out of. Really, any super scripted show with a built-in laugh track seems like it’s just waiting for Cyrus to walk in, make a few faces and giggle goofily.

Aside from any appearances, the lady’s still got a lot on her plate right now, what with her upcoming wedding to “Hunger Games” star Liam Hemsworth, and working on some new music collaborations with Pharrell and Hit-Boy.

In more superficial news, the skinny singer also recently dyed her locks platinum blonde, and then chopped them all off in a move bold from a girl who has reportedly been obsessed with trimming her body down for her wedding.

It’s a little hard, now, to picture Cyrus walking down the aisle flipping her hair like a girly Pete Wentz (What am I saying? Like Pete Wentz), but since Cyrus is tweeting excitedly stuff along the lines of, “never felt more me in my whole life,” we say, go for it, woman.

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