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Tattoo: A Love Story is an independent film that follows a common theme: unexpected love. In this case, however, the love is found by a tattoo artist, Virgil (Virgil Mignanelli), who is brought into an Idaho class for "show-and-tell" by a student. What neither Virgil nor Sara (Megan Edwards), the teacher, expect is that they will fall in love. Yet, as they meet one another and their lives collide, an unanticipated but genuine affection develops between the two.

Sara is considered a "put together" but uptight woman. She works as an elementary school teacher, has a boyfriend and a stable life. By contrast, Virgil is an overweight biker and tattoo artist, driving around town on his bike and living a freewheeling lifestyle. But when the two begin interacting, spending time together and sharing their thoughts, an undeniable chemistry comes forth. From afternoon bike rides to earnest conversations, their lives begin to complement one another's, and love develops.

The extreme "opposites attract" scenario of this film may seem unlikely. But, rather than appearing Hollywood-esque or contrived, it comes off as endearing and believable. Much of this is due to the bearish sincerity of Virgil, who charms both Sara and the audience. His hulking, tattooed public image is soon made accessible and lovable, and we see the man beyond the first impression of Sara. Similarly, Sara begins to transcend the narrow lifestyle she has set up for herself. Her time with Virgil inspires her and changes her.

Not everyone, however, understands their love. This is when interesting questions are raised: What is love? Who deserves our love? Is it important to love a person who receives approval from our friends and family?

As both Virgil and Sara navigate these channels, they learn more about love and themselves. Sara begins to see what is lacking in her life, and Virgil experiences the same introspection. In the process, they begin to more deeply consider the merit of their work -- whether it be teaching, tattoo art or anything else -- and the systems they want to reject for greater happiness.

This charming film, from first-time director and filmmaker, Richard W. Bean, contains both the quirks and the unexpected turns of an independent film. It is a love story, and it is a life story.

| 2002 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.8/10
Richard W. Bean
Tattoo: A Love Story
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