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A young man travels to the back alleys and underground high-stakes martial arts tournaments to discover the whereabouts of his long-lost brother. Along the way he is awakened to the perilous life of the Chinese urban underground and the many paths aspiring fighters take to earn a living and become noticed. Luke Powers (Jerry Trimble) wanders into the heart of the L.A. ghetto to find his brother's murderer. He finds that the death of his brother is the unfortunate outcome of a no-holds-barred, barbaric ring of high-stakes martial arts death matches. With the confidence of a warrior, Luke decides to enter the same dangerous rings of competition that killed his brother. His hope is to face his brother's killer either in a proper display of law and justice, or retribution through a bone-crushing, blood-stained display of hand-to-hand combat. Luke is pitted face-to-face against future stars like Chou Yun Fat in this representative feature inspired by the athletic and spirited angst of the age.

| 1993 | 1 hr 36 min | 6.3/10
Ringo Lam
Cantonese, English
Full Contact
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Full Contact Trailer HD (HK 1992)|1:54
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